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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

    About Us: MarxTech India GPS Online Solution is a state of art solution that helps tracking, monitoring, controlling and managing the entire fleet of vehicles in most efficient way. The MarxTech India GPS Online System enables you to view all the vehicle information sitting at your desk.

    MarxTech India Fleet Tracking Is An All-In-One Management Solution That Lets You Monitor, Manage, And Recover Assets Effective management can be a daunting task, especially for businesses who deal with employees or assets in transit. Fleet tracking management uses GPS technology to effectively track vehicles, employees,and assets. By tracking your valuables, you can better manage and monitor their whereabouts, cutting down on wasted time or unnecessary fuel.

    With GPS Fleet Tracking information, you can evaluate performance and cut down on extra costs. This enhances your company's value by improving the level of service provided, leading to higher profits and customer satisfaction.

    Why Need: Our automatic Fleet Tracking reports are easy-to-read graphs that let you identify operational trouble spots and improve fleet management. It can answer all your questions such as;

     What is the utilization of your vehicle fleet?

     Entry & exit time of vehicles in the Geofence area?

     Where is a particular vehicle currently?

     Which route has been allocated to a vehicle?

     What is the efficiency of entire fleet?

     How is the performance of your drivers?

    With these questions answered MarxTech India Fleet Tracking solution allows you to have full control over your Vehicles. It is a complete solution of all your worries to minimize operational costs, increase revenues and assured customer comforts.

  • January 01, 2014Launched New Student  Campus Attendance and Student  Bus Attendance system
  • March 01, 2014Launched New Smart Vehcile Tracking Soluntion
  • June 01, 2014Launched New Point of sale and Library Management RFID based solution.